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Combatting Fraud

About 10 percent of the property and casualty insurance industry’s incurred losses and loss adjustment expenses each year are fraudulent[i] During the five-year period from 2013 to 2017, the fraud amounted to approximately $30 billion each year.[ii] The most common fraud is when an insured pads or inflates actual claims, misrepresents facts on an insurance […]

Senior Scam – A Fraudulent Promotion and Privacy Theft

This week, I received a special offer in the mail; not email, USPS mail. The three part form and format were designed to deceive you and make you think it was an official government document. It was labeled 2017 DEATH BENEFIT INFORMATION. UNITED STATES MAIL RECIPIENT. Then in small print, IMPORTANT NON-GOVERNMENTAL DOCUMENT ENCLOSED ON INSURANCE […]

Where Does the Fraud Come From

In Health Attitude, I described cost as the largest problem in our healthcare system. One of the sources of the high cost I wrote about is fraud. I am often asked where the fraud comes from. I am sure all of us hold our doctors in high regard and would never suspect them of any untoward […]

Medicare – Part 2

Hard for me to believe but I am about to go on Medicare! As I described in a rant about browser issues, the experience to date has been only with the administrative aspects– the clinical part does not start until next month. The entire enrollment was able to be completed online at medicare.gov — no faxes, no […]

Fraud Reduction Could Fund A Chunk Of Healthcare

On February7 we will be discussing Computational Biology at Demo. No doubt we will hear about some potential breakthroughs in healthcare. One thing we know for sure is that new healthcare solutions are costly. How will people afford them? There are many issues associated with this and one of them is the fraud that occurs […]