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Warp Speed – A Rushed Job?

Sixty percent of people questioned in November said they would “definitely or probably” take the coronavirus vaccine. In September, the number was 51%, so the trend is good. However, the Pew Research Center said 39% of people polled would definitely or probably not take the vaccine, and 21% of people polled said they won’t take […]

Test Your Blood At Home

Patients who are at high risk or require frequent blood testing probably find going to the lab or doctor office an inconvenience. Athelas, a Mountain View, California based company has announced a new technology which may be a real game changer. Their new product has been clinically validated for use in the patient’s home. The Athelas […]

Will Consumers Be Able to Perform Kidney Dialysis at Home?

Hemodialysis is the most common way to treat advanced kidney failure. The procedure can help one carry on an active life despite a failure of these important organs. Hemodialysis requires a strict and precise treatment schedule. The process uses a man-made membrane (dialyzer) which remove wastes from the blood and restores the proper balance of electrolytes. Patients typically go to a […]

Molecular-level Health Testing With the iPhone

With the power of a supercomputer, the iPhone is going to be the host for a wide range of healthcare-related consumer devices and related apps. The latest comes from a San Diego startup named Cue. The company has developed a compact consumer-oriented device that can detect five biological conditions at a molecular level. This is not a […]