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Hemodialysis machineHemodialysis is the most common way to treat advanced kidney failure. The procedure can help one carry on an active life despite a failure of these important organs. Hemodialysis requires a strict and precise treatment schedule. The process uses a man-made membrane (dialyzer) which remove wastes from the blood and restores the proper balance of electrolytes. Patients typically go to a dialysis center at a hospital where healthcare specialists setup and administer a significant piece of equipment like the picture above.

Outset Medical, in San Jose, CA, believes there is a better way. The company has landed FDA clearance for an innovation, called the Tablo System, about the size of a PC server on wheels (see Tablo Dialysis Machine Simple Enough for Patients to Use Themselves). A large touchscreen display leads the user through the dialysis process, using animation and intuitive step by step instructions. The system can connect to a water tap and create the needed filtered water. It can also produce the required dialysis solution. The system reduces the size of the equipment and the complexity of the process. The company’s vision is to enable consumers to perform their own dialysis at home and by themselves. As discussed in Health Attitude, more and more healthcare will be taking place in our homes, and we will be happy about this.

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