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What Is the Future of Car Maintenance?

Written: October 14, 2021 In August, I wrote about my experience in finishing a second three-year lease and starting a third lease on the Tesla Model S. As discussed, Tesla is determined to automate the entire sales and delivery process for their cars. What about car maintenance after the delivery process? To discuss maintenance of […]

Electric Airplanes

The era of electric airplanes is closer than you may think. The initial focus of this nascent market is for short flights. For example, European EasyJet is working with American start-up Wright Electric to build electric planes for regular services flying distances of less than 300 miles. Coast to coast flights on electric airplanes is […]

Tanglewood by Tesla

The Tanglewood Music Center is located in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts. The drive as 181 miles and we arrived with 80 miles of reserve on the Tesla. The Boston Symphony Orchestra has great concerts there in the summer in the Koussevitzky Music Shed. We get there at least once per year. The shed seats […]

Tesla Police Cars

The Tesla performed very nicely driving back to Connecticut from Florida. It was a great three months there, and as the temperatures began to drop and signs of snow appeared, I was tempted to turn around and drive back to Florida. Most of the Supercharger locations along our route had no other cars charging. One […]

Apple Becomes a Green Energy Supplier, With Itself as Customer

The Apple Store in Palo Alto, California operates on 100% renewable energy. Apple takes an innovative approach to the environment, and they are creating new solar energy projects to reduce its carbon footprint. The numbers are impressive. Apple produces or procures clean, renewable energy to power 93 percent of its offices, retail stores, and data centers around the world. The result has […]