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Can Mobile Internet Voting Strengthen Our Democracy in These Troubling Times

Bob Reby, Certified Financial Planner, founded Reby Advisors in 1985. I have known Bob by reputation for many years, and more recently have gotten to know him personally. Bob is a very smart forward looking businessman. He recently forged an alliance with Singularity University in order to bring a visionary component to the Danbury, CT […]

Online Voting Trial with Blockchain: Academics Say Yes

The BBC reported the Scottish Government is being urged to undertake trials of online voting. A group of thirty academics and non-profit leaders said online voting could lead to “modern democracy”. I could not agree more, as I wrote in Election Attitude – How Internet Voting Leads to a Stronger Democracy. The group of thirty acknowledged security […]

Election Attitude – Tagline Results

Thanks to the 44 Attitude LLC subscribers who responded to my request for input about the tagline for the impending new book, Election Attitude. 55% voted for “How Internet Voting Leads to a Stronger Democracy” or a very similar variation. All of the suggestions were good, but that is the one I chose, for two reasons. First, […]