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Bob Reby, Certified Financial Planner, founded Reby Advisors in 1985. I have known Bob by reputation for many years, and more recently have gotten to know him personally. Bob is a very smart forward looking businessman. He recently forged an alliance with Singularity University in order to bring a visionary component to the Danbury, CT area. Bob has invited me to engage in a lively Virtual Fireside Chat to discuss Internet voting, a subject I have written quite a bit about. Our agenda is to discuss:

  • Voting with Paper or Internet: Which is more secure, accurate, private, and verifiable?
  • How the U.S. can use blockchain technology to safeguard ballots from hackers and foreign adversaries
  • Cautionary Case Studies: What went wrong and how mistakes could have been avoided
  • Success Stories: Internet voting in foreign countries and pilot programs in U.S. states 

Our chat will be followed by Q&A, open to all. If you would like to attend, click here.