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Privacy And Trust – Epilogue

Another dimension of Trust has to do with standards. Because of standards, the Internet is the only thing I know of that works the same everywhere. Most things work differently in different parts of the world. The side of the road we drive on, the side of the car we drive from, the width of […]

Privacy And Trust – Part 8

In “Too Secure?”, I described how a financial services company insisted that I use the fax machine to send them a document. Let’s contrast that process with how it might have worked using a public key infrastructure approach with the five security functions described in the last part of the Privacy And Trust series. We’ll […]

Privacy And Trust – Part 7

The most important benefit of a digital ID is authentication. Once digital IDs are more commonplace, you will no longer have to send your login ID and password over the Internet. Your password, passphrase, or biometric will go no further than your smart card, token, or your PC. Once you are authenticated, you will be […]

Privacy And Trust – Part 6

In the near future most people will have a digital ID along with an accompanying biometric link such as a fingerprint, face print, voiceprint, iris or retina scan. The combination of digital ID and biometric will enable you to establish yourself as a completely unique person. At last you have the ability in the digital […]

Privacy And Trust – Part 5

There was a cartoon by Peter Steiner in the July 5, 1993 issue of The New Yorker showing a dog at a PC speaking to another dog watching from the floor. The caption was, ?On the Internet nobody knows you’re a dog.? Very true and in fact nobody really knows for sure just who you […]