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Can Carbon Neutral and Electricity Be Compatible? by John R. Patrick

https://youtu.be/LOi0EcYAoi8 Can Carbon Neutral and Electricity Be Compatible? by John R. Patrick On this past Sunday, I listened to Fareed Zakaria interview Ajay Banga, the new President of the World Bank and formerly head of Mastercard. Being asked about world hunger, poverty, disease, and debt problems around the world, Mr. Banga said the most important […]

The Power of Wind

Last weekend, the weather was nice so we departed our summer home on Lake Wallenpaupack for a random motorcycle ride on the backroads of northeastern Pennsylvania. We rode through Greentown, Hamlin, Jessup, Archbald (not a typo), Jermyn, Carbondale, Waymart, Honesdale, Hawley, Paupack, and back to Greentown, where we live. During the second half of our […]

How To Make Money From Carbon Neutral

Over the last few weeks, my e-briefs have focused on the greenhouse effect, greenhouse gases which are the biggest contributors, a discussion about carbon dioxide, how to calculate your carbon footprint, and how to offset the footprint to become carbon neutral. I cited non-profits you can donate to which are engaged in activities to reverse […]

How To Calculate Your Carbon Footprint And What To Do About It

As discussed previously, life on Earth depends on energy coming from the Sun. The greenhouse effect has protected life on Earth from unlivable cold conditions for as long as life has been here. To keep greenhouse gases in perspective, we need to remember, once again, greenhouse gases are a good thing, but only as long […]