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How To Measure Your Blood Pressure Without A Cuff

I first started writing about mobile device health (mHealth) about seven years ago. When the Apple Watch was announced in 2015, I knew mHealth adoption would accelerate. In March 2015, Health Attitude: Unraveling and Solving the Complexities of Healthcare was published and in July that year a peer-reviewd journal published “How mHealth will spur consumer-led […]

Blood Pressure on Your Watch

The Apple Watch was introduced in April 2015. Skeptics came out of the woodwork and said the product was going nowhere. Since then sales of the Watch have skyrocketed. Estimates vary, but the latest forecast I have seen estimates 2019 sales will be more than 30 million watches, certainly way more than the Federation of […]

Wearable Ultrasound Blood Pressure Patch

The trend is clear. More and more medical tests and procedures will be less invasive than in the past. Smart devices of various types will be able to look into our bodies and measure what is going on. One of the areas where great progress is being made is the measurement of our central blood […]

Blood Pressure Without the Arm Cuffs

When doctors or nurses measure our blood pressure, they normally place a cuff around our arm and inflate it. The measurement is for a point in time and sometimes representative. Scientists at Australia’s Monash University are developing a new approach. Their cuffless “blood pressure estimation system” can be worn for hours at a time and wirelessly transmit real-time readings. […]

First Blood-Pressure Watch

Nearly 30% of Americans have hypertension (high blood pressure (BP)). Many people have a tough time controlling their BP. Part of the task is measuring BP routinely and accurately. It is possible to get wide variations when using a traditional home blood cuff due to arm position or cuff size. Omron may have the answer. The company has […]