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Nearly 30% of Americans have hypertension (high blood pressure (BP)). Many people have a tough time controlling their BP. Part of the task is measuring BP routinely and accurately. It is possible to get wide variations when using a traditional home blood cuff due to arm position or cuff size. Omron may have the answer. The company has been making BP devices for years and is now working to get FDA clearance on a watch-like device it hopes to bring to market by the end of the year at a price point around $200. The device is a bit bulky and not an alternative to an Apple Watch or other stylish choices. However, it does have some nice features. It is easy to put on your wrist. It provides guidance on the ideal arm position. After obtaining your BP, it can save it to your smartphone. Omron claims the device collects an accurate reading. See the story at First Blood-Pressure Wearable Launched at CES and watch the device in action on YouTube. Read other mHealth and wearable devices in Health Attitude.

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