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Final Survey Results

I was hoping for 100 responses to the SurveyMonkey, and you delivered 146! This is really great! Thanks so much. Your response represents almost 15% of the current 1000+ subscribers, and is definitely statistically significant. In the the following paragraph, I will summarize the results. This will be followed by graphics to show bar graphs […]

Update from Attitude LLC

I usually write three short stories for the Attitude LLC blog each week. Most of the posts to date have been about healthcare or technology. Occasionally, I write something about music or travel. Since Election Attitude was published in August, I have included some stories related to elections and voting. Between now and election day, there may […]

Publications by John R. Patrick | Attitude LLC

It seems like I have been writing papers for a long time. Engineering school did not require any I can recall. However, I wrote a thesis (included here) for my masters degree back in 1971. Then I went dark for a long time until I got heavily involved with Internet technology, while I was at […]

Survey Results

Thank you very much for the significant participation in my survey about the Attitude LLC blog. The results were loud and clear. 9% want the blog update monthly, 23% want a few times per week, and 68% preferred weekly. On the second survey question about length of content, 65% suggested a full page. Beginning at noon on […]

Conversational Media Summit – Part 3

The main strategic takeaway for me from the CM Summit was the stark contrast between the two interviews John Batelle had with Arthur Sulzberger, Jr. and Arianna Huffington. I first met Arthur at a technology conference roughly 10 years ago. He had a big head-start in adapting to the changes from the Internet, he hired […]