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Could Ranked Choice Voting Make 2024 Go Smoothly?

We all probably agree the election of November 2020 could have gone more smoothly. I have been thinking about 2024 and beyond and how the process could be improved. I have written extensively about mobile blockchain voting as an improved method of voting. The purpose of this article is to share my vision for the […]

Now Can We Have Internet Voting?

Ronjini Joshua is an author, speaker, and founder of The Silver Telegram, a tech-focused communications firm. He thinks enough of our outdated voting system is enough. In “After This U.S. Election, the Case for Online Voting Is Stronger Than Ever“, published Friday afternoon in Foreign Policy, he said,  The gridlock over the U.S. election results is […]


Many thanks to my friend Hansueli in Switzerland for catching the mistake in this morning’s e-brief. The Zoom webinar will be on Wednesday, September 30, at 7pm, not Thursday. Please register here to watch it. Any questions, feel free to contact me at [email protected].

Mobile Blockchain Voting: Can It Strengthen Our Democracy?

Please join me for a webinar on Wednesday, Septembeer 30, at 7pm. I will be discussing how the future of elections in the United States could be much brighter than what we are currently facing. In research for my book, Election Attitude – How Internet Voting Leads to a Stronger Democracy, I learned a lot […]

Digital Politics: Russian Hacking

Karen Jagoda, President at E-Voter Institute, interviewed me last week for Digital Politics. She asked really good questions about Russian hacking and what is holding back Internet voting. Karen said, “John reminds us that there is no national voting infrastructure but rather hundreds of systems used by state and local authorities to register voters, and allow […]