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Molecular-level Health Testing With the iPhone

With the power of a supercomputer, the iPhone is going to be the host for a wide range of healthcare-related consumer devices and related apps. The latest comes from a San Diego startup named Cue. The company has developed a compact consumer-oriented device that can detect five biological conditions at a molecular level. This is not a […]

Update Your App Permissions

I have been following David Strom’s Web Informant newsletter for a number of years.  They are always interesting, but his latest was particularly useful.  The subject of his writing was how to clean up your social media apps.   He opens by asking the question: How many apps have you allowed access to your Facebook, Twitter […]

Back Pain

Back pain is something experienced by nine out of ten people in America at some point in their life and five out of ten experience back pain every year. Years ago, I found a very helpful book by Robin McKenzie called How to Treat Your Own Back. You can find the book and other related […]