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Healthcare Common Sense: What Should Congress and the President Do?

Written: March 10, 2017Edited and Republished: October 23, 2021 The following article was published in LinkedIn four and a half years ago. Except for price transparency, which has not yet been fully complied with, not much has happened. Americans are struggling to pay the continually increasing cost of drugs and Congress continues to be the […]

Why is health care so expensive?

As published in the Danbury News-Times and newstimes.com on Sunday, October 18, 2015 There are numerous factors contributing to our high health care cost, including unnecessary tests and procedures, the high cost of drugs, fraud, lack of tort reform, inefficiency, and lack of standards. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), signed into law […]

Accountable Care Saves $400M

Tuesday night I was fortunate to participate in an author event at the Cocoon Coffee House in Hawley, Pennsylvania. Approximately 35 people attended. It was a delightful environment. I gave a 30 minute talk about the American healthcare system; what is wrong with it and how to fix it. The Q&A session could have gone on […]

Medicare – Part 4

I have now been on Medicare for 18 months. Fortunately, I have not required significant clinical services and therefore do not have a lot of experience with the financial impact of Medicare. The medical insurance part of Medicare costs between $99.90 per month and $369.10 per month (per person), depending on your income. The poliiticians […]

Medicare – Part 3

I have not had any clinical experience with Medicare to write about  (fortunately) so that will have to wait. Much to my surprise, however, I did receive a birthday greeting! Dear JOHN R PATRICK Happy Birthday from Medicare! We wish you well in the upcoming year. Our records show you are currently up-to-date on your […]