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John Patrick and Vint CerfI first met Vint at an Internet Society meeting in Prague in June 1994. We have been friends and colleagues ever since. Vint is well known for many attributes but one not as well publicized is his incredible personal productivity. This is evidenced in many ways but perhaps the best is his skill at taking “Power Breaks”.
The first day of the recent Global Internet Project meeting in Honoulu began with a visit across town to the JAIMS facility. At the break between a series of meetings, Vint Cerf and I checked our email — thanks to a WiFi signal in the building. The man who spent decades with the wired Internet is also quite facile with the world of wireless. I am sure Vint will be as dapper at 70, 80,90, and 100 as he is at 60. I wish him the very best for continued health, happiness, and prosperity.
John Patrick