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I have gotten a lot of feedback on my little piece about “Subway Surfing“. Some said WiFi is already “meat and potatoes”; some were amazed to learn what is going on in the WiFi area. (read more)

Chris Davis told me how he is rolling out a community wide network in his rural Kentucky community. He also reminded me about Etherlinx which I had meant to include in my story.

Steph Kesler pointed out that if you are running XP you can actually see the WLAN’s in your area without Boingo. This is true and I find it is actually more reliable as a way to connect than Boingo. She also reminded me about a very cool program called NetStumbler that shows all WLAN’s in the area, their names, signal strength, WEP, enabled,etc. I used it some months ago and at the time it only could detect a certain model of Wireless Access Point and did not include the Aironet/Cisco 350 which I was interested in. This may have changed.

The story continues……