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ConductorIf I had to pick one favorite composer it would be Mozart (see Running with Mozart). His 600 compositions remain standard repertoire after more than 250 years. I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to conduct the Ridgefield Symphony Orchestra for a rendition of Mozart’s 25th symphony (and later Beethoven’s Overture to the Creatures of the Prometheus.

The list below includes a handful of other composers that have been among my favorities. For hundreds of years, people have been talking about them, writing about them, and listening to their great music. They have created the classic classical music — the yardsticks by which all others are measured. They are simply the best– with compositions that are so riveting that they can’t be forgotten. The list of favorites would be…..

  1. Albinoni
  2. Bach
  3. Beethoven
  4. Chopin
  5. Handel
  6. Haydn
  7. Mahler
  8. Mozart
  9. Telemann