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The conducting lessons and the concert are over but I will cherish the experience for the rest of my life. I walked off the stage in a euphoric and exhilarating state. Friends and family offered their praise but I knew of things I could have done better. I was thrilled with the praise but could not help but be anxious to hear what The Ridgefield Press and The Danbury News-Times would have to say.

I have always been impressed with the incredibly detailed analysis and critique by Courtenay Caublé for The Ridgefield Press) and now by Jim Pegolotti, former dean of the School of Arts and Sciences at Western Connecticut State University and now the new music reviewer for The Danbury News-Times. Most of us listen to a concert and we either enjoy it or we don’t but likely could not explain why. That is what music good music reviewers like Courtenay and Jim do; expose in great detail what was done well and what was not done so well. Fortunately, they both liked “Conducting Mozart“.