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Fax Spam

There are many posts here in this blog about spam, in particular from a public policy point of view. I have always opposed laws to regulate spam because of a belief that they don’t work. My view has been that technology can solve the problem. This has mostly turned out to be true. Since I […]

Privacy City

One element of privacy on the Internet is "Opt in" versus "Opt out". When you register at a web site you will often see a small box to be checked giving you the “option” to be included or not included in subsequent emails making offers to you. Opt in means you proactively choose to be […]

Authentication Redux

The trip to New York for a board meeting last week went smoothly. Traffic was light — even within the city — and I got to the hotel lobby in much better than normal time. The one thing that went less well than it could have the check in process at the Radisson Martinique on […]

Seven Wonders

The Seven Wonders of the World is an expression that is as old as I can remember but it turns out there are actually multiple lists. Recently a non-profit organization called New7Wonders decided the list needed an update and so they set about to seek nominations — almost 200 came in — and then the […]

Phishing – Part 4

"Phishing" continues to be one of the most fraudulent activities happening on the Internet. A lot of people are still not aware of phishing and, more alarming, a non-trivial number of people are being caught off guard by it and providing their personal and finananical information to perpetrators of fraud . According to the Anti-Phishing […]