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Is AI Facial Recognition Good or Bad? by John R. Patrick

Is AI Facial Recognition Good or Bad? by John R. Patrick Written: April 2023 Last week, I explained the basics of how facial recognition works. There are many pluses and minuses about use of the technology. I would now like to share a couple of examples of my personal encounters with facial recognition. One use case […]

Faces by John R. Patrick

Faces by John R. Patrick Written: March 2023 Now that I have covered cats and dogs with machine learning, I will branch out to facial recognition of humans. Facial recognition is a technology capable of identifying or verifying a person from a digital image or a video frame from a video camera. Facial recognition has […]

Cats and Dogs by John R. Patrick

Cats and Dogs Written: March 2023 In a Tom Friedman article on March 21, 2023, Tom quoted Craig Mundie, the former chief research and strategy officer for Microsoft, as saying artificial intelligence (AI), “is going to change everything about how we do everything. I think that it represents mankind’s greatest invention to date.” That is […]

Can AI Improve Stethoscopes? by John R. Patrick

Can AI Improve Stethoscopes? Written: March 2023 AI is becoming more and more prevalent in our business and personal lives. It is changing the world we live in at a rapid pace. I have observed over the past 50 years every new technology brings bad actors along with it. They immediately look for ways to […]

Is chatGPT Sentient? by John R. Patrick

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Is chatGPT Sentient? by John R. Patrick Written: February 2023 The level of interest in AI and specifically chatGPT and similar AI tools is quite high. I plan to switch back to some important healthcare technologies but, for now, I hope I can help readers understand what is going on with AI. I will start […]