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Patient with ClipboardI first used ZocDoc in 2012. It was a test. People were saying primary care physicians were scarce and it would be a long wait to get an appointment if you don’t already have a relationship. I logged into ZocDoc, filled out the digital clipboard with my personal and insurance information. I was immediately presented with a list of doctors in my town available that day (it was a Friday) and on the weekend. ZocDoc has allowed otherwise unknown doctors to become visible.

I loved the data entry part of the experience. Does Amazon have clipboard data entry? No, we are the data entry clerks. Amazon offloaded data entry to the customer, and there are no clipboards. ZocDoc has done this very nicely with patients. After you fill out your information online, ZocDoc sends you a reminder of your appointment. When you arrive, the physician staff doesn’t greet you with a clipboard (See more in January 2014 story).

Millions of patients use ZocDoc to find in-network neighborhood doctors. They can book appointments instantly, see what other patients have to say about the doctor, get reminders for upcoming appointments and preventive check-ups, and fill out paperwork online. Patients can book more than 1,800 different types of procedures by more than 50 different medical specialties. The company just raised $130 million dollars to expand even further. It is now one of New York City’s most valuable private technology companies. We need many more visionary ideas such as ZocDoc in all aspects of healthcare. Fortunately, they are on the way.

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Source: PE HUB » ZocDoc snaps up $130 mln

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