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VanA search at Google for "Wow" yields more than 20 million matches. A visit to the Wiktionary finds that "wow" means "an indication of excitement or surprise. A typical expression, according to the Wiktionary is "Wow! How do they do that?".
If you visit the Danbury Hospital Wellness on Wheels van, I guarantee that you will say "Wow!". I had the privilege to stop by and visit the van late last week. It was quite a sight to behold. Moms and dads and kids lined up for well-child visits, sick visits, physicals for school, sports, or camp, work physicals, TB or lead testing, immunizations, screenings, blood pressure checks, health education, or travel vaccines. WOW is part of the hospital’s Partners in Health program.
The WOW van offers primary care services at no charge, although there may be a fee for some adult immunizations. The minor income and modest budget understate the long term economic and public health benefits. By providing a safety net for some who may not seek care at a doctor’s office or at the hospital, much more costly emergency care may be avoided. Also, by encouraging and providing immunizations, some significant diseases can be avoided. By offering school and camp physicals to many who could not otherwise afford to have them, a broader segment of the local population can participate in activities which help them to be more involved in the community.
The most impressive part of the WOW van is the people who work there. Headed by Dr. Jack Fong, chairman of the hospital’s pediatrics department, the staff includes a physician, nurse, immunization outreach worker, medical case manager, and a driver. The entire team is compassionate toward their patients while dedicated and enthusiastic about their work. As I left from the visit, there was only word I could think of. Wow! We are so fortunate to have this resource at work in the community.