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Most of my philanthropy is directed toward health care, affordable housing, music, the arts, and education.  However, I believe the work of the Wikimedia Foundation deserves annual support as well.  I buy in to the idea that wikipedia should be freely available for everyone everywhere in the world.  Wikipedia is not perfect, but I believe it aims to tell the truth. Donations keep wikipedia available for millions of people to get access to information that may not otherwise be available to them.  I like the idea that a half-billion readers of wikipedia and its sister sites and projects can gain access to the sum of all human knowledge. I think it makes the world a better place. As I said, wikipedia is not perfect, but what is great about it is that if you see a typo or other mistake, you can fix it, and if you find something missing, you can add it. At a point in time, wikipedia information may not be 100% accurate, but over time, the grass roots will make it accurate.  If you are inspired, it is easy to donate to the Wikimedia Foundation.
Social media is an important channel of communication and information sharing, but it is not necessarily a source of learning.  Critics say that the only valid information is that which is peer-reviewed.  The problem is that much of that information is locked up and only available to those who can pay for it.  Wikipedia is free and is a place one can learn. If you are doing scholarly research or writing a peer-reivewd paper, the wikipedia is not an adequate source for your references and citations. However, even for such scholarly work, wikipedia is a great source for background information. It helps provide a plan of attack for where to dig deeper into a subject area. The bottom line is that wikipedia is a great source of information and I am proud to be a donor to it.