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Book #7: The response to the Survey Monkey so far is 4%. That is a very good response rate for surveys. Thank you for that. You are helping me select the next book in the “It’s All About Attitude” Series. So far, the vote favors Hobby Attitude at 57% with Algorithm Attitude at 43%. Thanks again to all those who cast their vote. If you have not yet done so, please cast your one-click choice here. You will see a brief summary of what each book would be about.

The OCLC board meeting took place in Dublin, Ohio during Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. From there my wife and I flew to Boston and had dinner with one of our sons who works in Boston and our oldest granddaughter who is a student at Northeastern University. The following night we enjoyed the Boston Symphony Orchestra concert and then nearly froze walking back to the hotel. The next day we drove back to Connecticut.

Another Meet the Author event was held on Thursday at the New Fairfield Senior center. Audience participation was great and I was pleased to donate 100% of the book sale proceeds to the Senior Center. Additional author events will be held in Florida during the 1st quarter of 2020 and then more back in Connecticut in the Spring. The table below shows events scheduled so far. Details on upcoming events will follow.

Later that evening, I was fortunate to attend a Singularity University event at Ridgewood Country Club. Bob Reby, founder, president and CEO of Reby Advisors, a financial planning firm in Danbury hosted the event. Founded in 2008, the Santa Clara, California-based Singularity University promotes itself as a “global learning and innovation community using exponential technologies to tackle the world’s biggest challenges and build a better future for all.” Mr. Reby had a fireside chat with Dr. Sam Gandy, an international expert in the metabolism of the sticky substance called amyloid which clogs the brain in patients with Alzheimer’s. The discussion was very encouraging. I’ll write a future post about it.

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Amazon now has two Series pages featuring “It’s All About Attitude”. The Kindle page is here and the paperback page is here. Take a look!