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The vote continues to favor Hobby Attitude at more than 60% with Algorithm Attitude at less than 40%. If you have not yet done so, please cast your one-click choice here. You will see a brief summary of what each book would be about. I will continue the survey until yearend.

SpaceX continues to be on a roll. On December 5, they launched CRS-19. This is the Commercial Resupply Services’ 19th mission to the International Space Station. The payload included 5,700 pounds with dozens of research packages. The research will be valuable and can benefit humanity. The types of research to be conducted cannot be done on Earth. The Falcon 9 rocket put the Dragon capsule in orbit and it docked to the ISS a few days later. Just minutes after the launch, the stage 1 booster of the Falcon 9 landed on a barge off the Atlantic coast. Really cool stuff. In Q1 2020, SpaceX plans to launch a “Crew Dragon” capsule with humans aboard. Exciting times ahead. We will all soon have a Space Attitude.

Yoshua Bengio, Revered Architect of AI, Has Some Ideas About What to Build Next. You can read this very interesting article here. You can find other articles and videos about AI on the Robot Attitude companion site at robotattitude.info.

Another Meet the Author event has been scheduled for May 15 in Connecticut. Additional author events will be held in Florida during the 1st quarter of 2020 and then more back in Connecticut in the Spring. The table below shows events scheduled so far. Details on upcoming events will follow.

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The gift giving season is upon us. The attitude series presents a number of choices for parents, teenagers, and grandchildren. All are available on Kindle and Paperback with gift wrapping. Amazon now has two Series pages featuring “It’s All About Attitude”. The Kindle page is here and the paperback page is here. Take a look!