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Ring around the rosey"What Goes Around, Comes Around" is an old saying. Blogging is making it more real than ever. On August 15 I published a short story about ENUM. A week or so ago, Ali Farshchian at CircleID wrote and asked if I would mind if they were to republish the story. I was happy to share the story and so it appeared in new clothing on CircleID a couple of days ago. Michael at slashdot.org posted an excerpt of the story this morning on slashdot. Later in the day the ITU (International Telecommunicatoins Union) posted an excerpt of the slashdot excerpt! What Goes Around Comes Around. 

Blogging is already beginning to reshape how information is created, published and shared. In the mid 1990’s some businesses embraced the Internet quickly while others waited to see where it would lead. Some, like the music industry, seem to be still waiting. Blogging is at that same early stage. Some will embrace it and others will wait — some will wait too long. There are millions of people who are experts at certain things, have a point of view, and are good communicators. They are not journalists in the traditional sense but they will create large amounts of information of value that will be syndicated around the world. People will not just do a Google search on the billions of web pages to find information on a topic. They instead will search the blogsphere to find out what those in the know are currently thinking and writing on the topic.