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This weblog is an extension of Net Attitude. My plan is to use it as a way to communicate about the book as it makes its way toward general availability. I will also be using the weblog as a way to reflect on things that changed between the time I finished writing the book and when readers started reading it. Once the book was out of my hands and into the publishers (the manuscript was submitted around the end of March 2001), I began to make notes about things I had written about in Net Attitude that happened sooner or later or differently than I thought they would. There were also new developments that I had not anticipated. I will try to capture many of these changes and post them in the weblog here. I also hope that the weblog will help the book stay dynamic. There are various sidebars I call them Reflections — throughout the book. I am sure readers have reflections of their own and later on I plan to enable readers to share them or any comments with other readers of the book.