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StopwatchI don’t know exactly how I will use the Apple Watch but I am anxious to start up the learning curve. I ordered the watch at 3:05 AM and got an expected shipping date of May 13. For every enthusiast there is a skeptic or two. I am in the enthusiast camp. The iPod, iPhone, and iPad skeptics have all been wrong. I think the same will be true for the Apple Watch. I envision the watch taking over for notifications in a way that makes us more productive. I don’t count the number of times per day I have to reach in my pocket for the iPhone. Sometimes I accidentally hang up on an incoming call or make an unintended outbound call. I anticipate the watch will be like a scout out on the fringe of daily activity making our interactions in a digital world more productive.

Thousands of apps for the Apple Watch will emerge from creative minds around the world. Many of them will gather data for the Apple Health app. In Health Attitude I described how important telehealth is for millions of the chronically ill. I foresee people in their 50s and 60s buying Apple Watches for their elderly parents. The watch can transmit activity data to caregivers. It can connect to a sensor on the refrigerator door and send a message if the door has not opened in X hours. For those with chronic illnesses such as congestive heart failure, sensors like Band-aids will attach to the skin and provide heart activity. If the heart rhythm becomes abnormal, an alert can be transmitted. Hopefully, the alert will be early enough to allow for an intervention obviating the need for an expensive and disruptive hospital admission. In Health Attitude, I wrote about a number of other Telehealth applications which may become significant. I will share more about these here at the Attitude LLC blog.

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