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Waimea FallsIt is hard to describe the beauty of Kauai. The 550 acres contain many terrains — flat beaches, towering cliffs, sprawling plantations, horse ranches, yacht basins, and golf courses. the beaches are certainl a highlihgt — some with lava flow, ohters with grassy knolls. The interesting thing about the beaches is that they are all public. Some people have exclusive and reclusive homes a stones throw from the ocean but state law requires that every property provide access to the beaches — all beaches are public. As far as I could tell there was no abuse of this — people appreciate the access and they don’t leave any litter after their visits. At the beaches as well as in the mountains, their is extensive lush green vegetation of all kinds. Most of the week was spent on the trails.
When most mainlanders hear you’re going to Hawaii, the first thing some people may start singing is Don Ho’s famous song “Tiny Bubbles”. This cache pays homage to the song.
The location of the cache has nothing to do with the title, the cache itself does. (We would like this to remain a theme cache, therefore anything left that doesn’t fit may be cleaned out next year upon our return visit.) A word about the container. The cache as a whole is regular in size but there are micro caches inside which is what you trade. *Please do not remove any of the micro containers as this is what makes the cache a theme cache*
Another off roader for this one. Rental cars can get back here without incident. Once you pass the stables on the right, the road gets progressively more bumpy but you should never have to put it into 4wd if you should happen to have a Jeep. You’ll pass an excellent beach to lay out on so bring the swimsuit if you want to take a dip afterward. You’ll see a large turnout to park at right beside a trail that has 2 short metal poles and boulders. WATCH OUT FOR HORSE POO!! This is a horse trail!
**This area is used as a party area for locals at night. PLEASE rehide it where you found it and cover it well (NOT with the rock that may be nearby. This will look suspicious to passers by)**
Bring something TINY to trade! Have fun and make sure to explore the lithified cracks in the area as well!