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iPhone Contacts

Ever want to dial a person at a particular extension without having to wait for the menu tree and then an option to enter “if you know your party’s extension”? Apple actually built that into iOS. Today, I learned how to do it. It is actually very simple.

  • Open your iPhone contact list and click edit on the contact you’d like to add an extension to.
  • Tap the phone number you’d like to edit
  • After you’ve entered the regular phone number, tap the +*# key
  • Tap Pause and a comma is inserted after the number. I usually do this twice. You can do more if the recording is long.
  • Type the extension number and then tap done.

That’s it. Call the number and after the pauses you added, the iPhone will dial the extension.

The other thing I learned today is how to duplicate a contact entry. Ever want to make a copy and then edit when you are adding a new contact that is with the same organization as one you already have in your contacts?

  • Highlight the contact you want to duplicate
  • Copy by pressing cmd-c
  • Paste by pressing cmd-v
  • Edit one of the two duplicates with the new information

Every day I learn new things!