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USPS Mail Truck

Tuscany @ Hammock Dunes

Welcome to the Tuscany Mail Alert Service. Our USPS mail carriers do a great job, but delivery time is highly unpredictable for various scheduling reasons. Delivery usually occurs sometime between noon and 5 PM. Residents make multiple visits per day to the mailroom to find the mail is not here yet.

The Tuscany Mail Alert Service will send you an email when the USPS mail carrier begins distributing mail in the mailroom. If you would like to take advantage of the service, just sign up by clicking the link below. You can discontinue and sign up again as often as you would like. If you change your email address, simply discontinue the service and then sign up again with your new email address. The database of residents subscribed to the Alert Service will be updated once per week.

How Does It Work?

When the USPS carrier brings the mail, she or he opens each of six “walls” of mailboxes and places the mail in the individual boxes, and then closes the “wall”.  A magnetic door/window sensor on one of the lower mailboxes activates an alert, which is detected by a home automation hub in the building manager’s office. The hub then sends a message to another computer in the building, which in turn sends a message to a cloud-based service, which then sends an email to all residents who have subscribed to the service. The email will normally arrive within five to ten minutes from when the mail carrier opens the first “wall”. 

How To Sign Up

Click here to subscribe to the service. Your emails will begin to arrive in no more than a week.

Click here to discontinue the service. Your emails will stop in no more than a week.

Click here to ask a question.