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As expected, there has been much feedback about the American Airlines information updates and coordination. The tone of all of it was “I can top that one!”. Chris Herot told me about his experience at Boston’s Logan Airport waiting for an AA flight to London which was delayed due to weather.  While he was waiting in the Admirals Club, he noticed that the monitors continued to display the original departure time, as did the web site and the 800 number. Meanwhile, the staff at the desk said that the flight was not leaving for at least an hour.  When the scheduled departure time passed, the monitors listed the flight as departed!  Fifteen minutes later he called the 800 number and they insisted the flight was in the air. Apparently, if no one intervenes, the computer marks a flight as departed when its scheduled time passes.  An hour or so later, the flight did depart, but there was still no indication of the updated or actual departure time on the airport monitors. I am sure American is aware of the integration problem and hopefully they are working on standards-based web services protocols to enable the disparate systems to communicate with each other.