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I am somewhat out of touch for awhile due to travel. On Friday 10/14, I traveled to Malibu to participate in a panel at Election 2.016 at Pepperdine University. From there back to Denver to visit with family and then back to San Francisco and on to Hong Kong. Weather in Hong Kong was really bad but we had a good time. We then embarked on a cruise to Vietnam. We are currently in the South China Sea on the way to Can May, Vietnam. The captain made a wise decision to increase the planned cruise speed from 13 knots to 18. This gave us some distance from the typhoon which has approached Hong Kong with wind speed of 80. Currently the sea is at 3-5 foot waves and reduced windo. After some time in various Vietnamese cities, we will continue to Thailand and then on to Singapore. I look forward to reengaging in the dialog about Internet voting soon.