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A Web
It is hard to imagine that the World Wide Web has been there for us for twenty years as of this week. See the original text-only web page of The World Wide Web project. Tim Berners-Lee had great insight and we all owe him our gratitude for creating something that has changed the world for the better. There are bad things on the web, but the good things far surpass them. The web is all about grass roots initiatives and there continue to be new web startups every day. I am highly optimistic that the web will make a huge impact in healthcare over the months and years ahead. Combined with mobile, cloud computing, big data, and analytics, the web will enable patients to take much more responsibility for their health and enable healthcare providers to facilitate sharing of healthcare data on behalf of patients. I gave a speech in Boston in March about this (link to the video).  I plan to write much more about healthcare and the Internet but, for now, I want to thank Tim and his colleagues for making the web available to all of us.