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Personal Computer
Most pundits seem to be bullish about the American economy, but they also seem to agree that a point of weakness is a widening “skills gap” in science and math education. Some claim the gap is the equivalent of a long-term national recession. One person who takes this issue quite seriously is Gary Beach, publisher emeritus of CIO magazine.  I have known Gary for 20 years. He is an advocate for technology and became convinced that the technology skills gap threatens America’s future economic foundation and even national security. Gary personally did quite a bit of research that resulted in his new book, The U.S. Technology Skills Gap: What Every Technology Executive Must Know to Save America’s Future. All of us probably find the math and science gap to be an issue of great concern and Gary’s book provides the roadmap to get involved and do something about it. Gary tells a compelling story about the history of science and math skills, why decades of warnings were ignored, examples of private company efforts to supplement public education, a pragmatic 10-step action plan, and an intriguing theory that suggests America’s days as the global scientific leader may be numbered.

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