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The Magaziner Report: 10 Years On

July 18, 2007

SIIA Event – Washington, D.C.
by Michael Cervieri (Scribemedia)

About this video:

Ten years ago, Bill Clinton’s chief Internet policy advisor Ira Magaziner set down to work on a document called the “Framework for Global Electronic Commerce.” Issues addressed included online payment, intellectual property protection, security, privacy, content control and standards development.

The framework began like this:

No single force embodies our electronic transformation more than the evolving medium known as the Internet. Once a tool reserved for scientific and academic exchange, the Internet has emerged as an appliance of every day life, accessible from almost every point on the planet. Students across the world are discovering vast treasure troves of data via the World Wide Web. Doctors are utilizing tele-medicine to administer off-site diagnoses to patients in need. Citizens of many nations are finding additional outlets for personal and political expression. The Internet is being used to reinvent government and reshape our lives and our communities in the process. As the Internet empowers citizens and democratizes societies, it is also changing classic business and economic paradigms. New models of commercial interaction are developing as businesses and consumers participate in the electronic marketplace and reap the resultant benefits. Entrepreneurs are able to start new businesses more easily, with smaller up-front investment requirements, by accessing the Internet’s worldwide network of customers.

In 1997, the ideas were large. The Internet, indeed, was set to change the information world. Through disruption and opportunity old models would be discarded and new ones would take their place.

Fast forward 10 years and the Software and Information Industry Association met in Washington to celebrate the report’s anniversary, and release their list of the 10 most significant e-commerce developments of the past decade.

These include:

  • Google
  • Broadband Penetration of US Internet Users Reaches 50%
  • eBay Auctions
  • Amazon.com
  • Google Ad Words
  • Open Standards
  • Wi-Fi
  • User-Generated Content
  • iTunes
  • BlackBerry

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SIIA Framework For Global eCommerce – Ira Magaziner

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