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Elections Office email

The day Election Attitude launched on Kindle, I received an email from Flagler County, Florida saying “Vote-by-mail Ballot Returned Undeliverable“. The reason for the email is I am away for the summer and my mail is forwarded to me. Election officials do not allow forwarding of ballots, so the ballot was returned to them. This is the plight of mail-in ballots. They get lost, crumpled, and sometimes arrive late. If the ballot arrives on time, it may not be counted, and you do not get confirmation if your vote is counted. After a lot of time on the phone, I was able to fill out a PDF and fax it to the elections office. This is for the Florida August Primaries. I will be able to vote. However, for the general election I will be out of the country shortly after the ballots are mailed to voters. During the time I am away, my mail will be held, but the election officials say held mail will be treated as forwarded. Hopefully, the ballot will arrive before I depart on my trip. If not, I will have an excuse not to vote in the Presidential election. Read much more about registration and voting and how millions of votes do not get counted in Election Attitude.

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