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Why couldn’t my wire transaction have been a few mouse clicks on a web page? Is it a technology problem? Definitely not. It would not be much more complex than clicking to buy a book or reserving a hotel room. Encryption technology and digital ID technology are available from numerous companies that could have secured the transaction. Is it a legal problem? Some would say so but if GE was willing to accept a fax then they have already agreed to accept an image of my signature. That same image could easily be created from my laptop or from a web server. No, the problem is not technical or legal; it is an attitude problem. Net Attitude – or lack thereof. Net Attitude is about preparing your organization, the people that are part of it, and all its systems and processes, to take advantage of everything the Internet has to offer. The Internet has changed not only how people communicate but also has changed their expectations of what is possible online and at the same time created a strong distaste for many of the old-fashioned business processes that exist today. Whether a consumer or a corporate purchasing agent, people’s expectations for what an e-business should be able to do for them are expanding by the day. Currently, most web sites don’t even come close to meeting those expectations. In many cases people leave web sites without buying anything or signing up for anything because they couldn’t find what they wanted or the server crashed or they clicked for more information and were told, “Call us Monday to Friday during our normal business hours of nine to five!” In some cases they are even told “Print out this form and fax it to us”.