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BloggingNovember was a busy month speaking with the media. Marcia Stepanek at CIO Insight magazine and I spent two hours talking about blogging. The focus was on the CIO and the enterprise, although the implications of blogging are much more broad and deep than just the corporate world. The interview was published under the title of "Expert Voice: John Patrick on Weblogs". The CIO Insight introduction of the topic said, "Weblogs, or blogs, are, at their very least, Web pages for self-proclaimed pundits, and often are nerdy, inane and barely grammatical. But increasingly, blogs are showing up on the corporate intranet, and, when left alone by corporate censors, can energize collaboration and give new life to the concept of knowledge management".
Network World asked me to write an 850 word summary of my view about the future of the Internet. The story appears in the November 10 issue of the magazine and also online at NetworkWorldFusion. They named the story "The Ultimate Internet". I don’t know if "ultimate" is the right term, and 850 words isn’t much space to describe something as broad and deep as the evolution of the Internet, but I did my best.
During my visit to Malaysia in November I had a discussion with a group of reporters after my speech at the KDU Management Development Center. Edwin Yapp at Star TechCentral (Malaysia) wrote a story called "The Web: the best is yet to come".