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HikingNOTE: I will be back to Internet technology stories very soon, but I wanted to report on a couple of other areas today and tomorrow — geocaching and motorcycling.
It was tough duty during the first week of the year in Florida but someone had to do it. Blue sky and eighty degrees would mean golf or tennis for most but not being adept at either of those, I chose to go geocaching instead. Four of us headed out for the adventure with a Magellan SporTrak Color GPS receiver in hand. Each of the two caches presented unique challenges. The first was called Geo Rock Cache. The first clue that it would be "interesting" was the following on the web site. "Also note the hundreds of crabs moving around on the ground as you walk to the cache site — no bare feet here !!" That was the first of two cautions.
“One more word of caution”, said the web site. “The terrain becomes more difficult at high tide, when the cache is located on a small island with shallow water around it (1 to 2 feet deep).”. “The water is clearn and the bottom sand, so you easily can walk in it for the 8-10 feet to reach dry land, but bring extra shoes if you do this one at high tide”.
No doubt about it — it was high tide. It wasn’t very deep but it wasn’t very “clean”.

The Bunker

This cache is located in a state park. FEE $3.25 PER CAR or$1.00 walk in. There are five other caches in this park. Make sure you bring some water on those many hot Florida days.
This cache site has a original structure from the WWII Camp Murphy Army base. Animals can be seen in this area of park – On the way to this site three deer were seen. Please check out the other cache sites in the park. Cache is a clear tupperware type container. It was started with two game CD’s,a music CD and a Racquetball. There are a number of ways to get to this cache. There are some dirt roads and a abandoned paved road that starts behind the trees in the photo on this page. Please make sure to put top fully back on container, to keep water out.