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The Fifth DimensionMost of the entries in the Favorite Concerts page are classical music concerts, but last night at The Ridgefield Playhouse was a different kind of “classical” music. The Fifth Dimension was in rare form as they entertained with Up-Up And Away, Go Where You Wanna Go, Learn How To Fly, Wedding Bell Blues, Worst That Could Happen, Aquarius, and many more classics 60s. It was a real trip down memory lane.

Watching a performing group like The Fifth Dimension on stage is always inspiring. A little arithmetic from the fifties to now can quickly show that most of the performers were well past 60. Florence LaRue, the only original of the group, was 71 in February. Some of the group looked their age, but most did not. All of them had great voices and rhythm. If you look at their concert schedules on the web site you can see they are performing regularly. Why are they doing this? Why don’t they stop and retire? It is possible some lived past their means or did not invest in their future during the hay days and now need the money. Others may do it out of loyalty to other members of their group. Some may not know what else to do. Most however, are probably doing it because they love it. You could see the sparkle in their eyes and the spring in their step. As the audience raved, the performers were inspired, and the cycle continued. The Fifth Dimension showed a great health attitude.