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Net AttitudeI always wondered how the endorsements (called blurbs) that appear on the back of the dust jacket of a book came about. Actually, I have written a dozen or so blurbs for other peoples books over the years but now with my first book of my own the reciprocal relationship needs to happen. I sent invitations to do an endorsement to people who I am privileged to have known for a long time and whose opinions would be respected. They all wrote their own words. I am highly appreciative of what they had to say. “John Patrick is one of the Web’s most respected pioneers and thinkers. In Net Attitude he offers every business person a path to success on the Internet, and it all begins with attitude.”

–Lou Dobbs, Anchor and Editor, CNN’s Lou Dobbs MoneyLine

Net Attitude is a creative and useful mix about Internet technology, every day living, and a vision of the future. It covers the full spectrum of communications and information in a highly pragmatic and very readable way. The authors recurring theme that attitude is the ultimate differentiator between success and failure gives life to the technologies, ties them together, and makes the book a must read.

–James D. Robinson III, General Partner and co-Founder, RRE Ventures, Former Chairman and CEO, American Express Company

John Patrick remains enthusiastic about the Internet despite the recent burst of the dotcom bubble. This book is the antidote to any doubt about the potential of Internet. Read it and get the net attitude!

–Bob Metcalfe, Ethernet inventor

In Net Attitude John Patrick offers a sprightly tour of where we’ve been and where we could go. Old hands can read it for fun and to see what they want to debatenewcomers can rely on it as a tour guide to the Brave New World.

–Amy Wohl, Editor, Amy D. Wohl’s Opinions

“Intelligence is mostly point of view and the rest is attitude. John provides a charming and easy-to-read cultural primer and travel guide for citizens of the world of atoms who plan to visit or emigrate to the land of bits.”

–Nicholas Negroponte, Chairman and Co-founder of MIT Media Laboratory

Net Attitude is a must read for anyone who wants to understand the New Economy. John Patrick provides the recipe for how to be more effective in the new workplace. He shows you the language, the protocol, the tools, and the perspectives you need to get ahead in these changing economic times. His hands-on approach and global perspective will be an eye-opener to employees and managers alike!

–Mary Furlong, founder of ThirdAge.com and founder of SeniorNet.org