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I tried the Tesla Model S auto-park feature this week for the first time. I pulled past two cars which were parked vertically, with an empty space in between. I took my hands off the wheel, put the car in reverse, and pressed the park button on the touchscreen. The car backed into the empty space, steering itself to perfectly align and center between the two cars. It then put itself in Park.

The newest feature, which is part of the Auto Pilot software in the Model S, is called Summon. As its name implies, the feature will bring the car to you. For example, when you are ready to drive somewhere, you go outside to the driveway. Next, you press Summon on your iPhone and then the Back button. The garage door opens, the car backs out, steering to maintain a perfectly centered path, stops, puts the car in Park, and puts down the garage door. The Summon feature is also nice if you are in a parking garage between two cars. You don’t want to ding your doors or those of your neighbors. Watch the video above and you will see me demonstrating the feature in Florida. I was not in the car.