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What Can Biosensors Do for Us?

 What Can Biosensors Do for Us? Written: September 2022 Dr. Vahram Mouradian holds an M.S. in Electronics Engineering and a Ph.D. in Computer Science. As a serial entrepreneur, he has created many breakthrough technologies.  His latest focus is on wearable medical technology, one of the hottest areas in the industry. As founder and CEO of […]

Wearable Ultrasound Blood Pressure Patch

The trend is clear. More and more medical tests and procedures will be less invasive than in the past. Smart devices of various types will be able to look into our bodies and measure what is going on. One of the areas where great progress is being made is the measurement of our central blood […]

Swallowable Video Pill

Wearables and a variety of mHealth devices are at the forefront of a consumer led revolution in healthcare. A third category of innovation is the swallowable. A team of researchers at the University of Glasgow has developed a swallowable video pill which can detect cancers in the throat and gut. The video pill is not new […]