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Hackers and Voting Machines

A number of readers have asked for a perspective on the news story about a Las Vegas conference where hackers were able to easily break in to 30 voting machines. First of all, despite the sensational headlines, the successful hacking should be no surprise. I wrote about this more than a year ago in Election […]

Businessweek said Today’s Computer Voting Is Crappy, Buggy, and Obsolete

Today’s Businessweek did an excellent job of reporting about our broken election system. The story focused on the 10-15 year old voting machines we use across America. I had written in Election Attitude about this and many other problems in our registration and voting systems, but Businessweek drilled down deep into the history and future […]

Labor Day Reading

If you have some time to read during the Labor Day holiday, I have a suggestion for you. I am sure you know what it is. Election Attitude is off to a strong start with a lot of interest from the press. The initial review of the book is here and a press release about it […]