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The Limits to Growth

If you are a pessimist and revel in the gloom and doom the future may hold, robots and artificial intelligence (AI) can add a lot of fodder. Robots are mostly in manufacturing plants today, but their presence is growing in many other places, including hospitals, restaurants, retail stores, and homes. Millions of jobs will be […]

Startup Investments Update

This is an update to the Startup Investments story from last week. I find the concept of Crowdfunding very interesting. Until now, it was often difficult for a startup company to get the funding it needed to carry out its idea and create a successful business. Angel investors who could each invest $100,000 or more […]

Startup Investments

When I retired from IBM at the end of 2001, I joined a number of boards, some for profit, some not-for-profit. I also got involved in a number of startup companies. Some of the startups were just an investment, and in others I took an active role. Startups are exciting. Most of them don’t make […]

Robot for Your Teeth

Reflecting on the future of healthcare during my two weeks out of the country, I conclude two things. Electronic health records, the ability to get speedy access to your health information, the ancient processes for getting medications, the frustrations of getting and paying for medications, and the backward methods of communications are all a train wreck. […]

30/30 Entrepreneurship

In early summer 2014, I was having a technical problem with my website. I visited some of the online freelancer sites to find someone who could solve the problem. Within minutes, after posting a paragraph describing the problem, I received a flood of proposals from people all over the world. Hourly rates ranged as low […]