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Do We All Have To Learn To Code?

Healthcare workers often use the word “code” as slang for a cardiopulmonary arrest happening to a patient in a hospital or clinic. Announcement of the word energizes a team of providers, sometimes called a code team, to rush to a specific location and begin immediate resuscitative efforts. Code means different things to different people. Broadly […]

Do Researchers Help or Hurt Our Democracy?

On Thursday morning, The New York Times ran a story about how MIT researchers found alleged flaws in the Voatz software used to support overseas military voters from West Virginia. Voatz has great success with mobile voting in multiple precincts around the country with no security problems. The terrible way in which the Iowa caucus […]

You Can Never Test Too Much

A lot of knowledgeable experts will be weighing in with their points of view about what went wrong with the Iowa caucus vote counting. There were many problems but it is clear as can be the core problem was the lack of testing. I learned decades ago about the importance of testing anything involving software. […]

Is Tesla a Software Company?

Tesla delivered 97,000 new cars in the quarter just ended on 9/30. Most of them were the Model 3 (which my wife has). Whether model 3, model S, or Model X, they all use basically the same software, just like different models of the iPhone all use iOS. When a new version of the Tesla […]