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Apple iPhones Five

As usual, the Apple management team did a great job in presenting their new products at yesterday’s keynote. As happened after the launch of the iPhone 4S two years ago, CNBC and others gave the company a lukewarm reaction saying there were no breakthroughs, but rather minor tweaks to what existed. Consistent with my view […]


On May 1st, the Danbury Area Computer Society held it’s monthly meeting, and it was my honor to give a talk about The Future of the Internet and Health Care. This was the twentieth year in a row that I have shared my thoughts with this fine group. The meeting was open to the public […]

The Future of the Internet

There is an article called “The Future of The Internet” (by John Patrick) published in the April-May-June 2012 edition of Sun and Surf (a magazine created exclusively for property owners in Hammock Dunes – published quarterly) which may be read here.

Speech at SIIA

The Future of the Internet – Disruptors of the Next Generation It was a privilege to be a speaker at the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) conference in New York on January 25. The subject of the speech was The Future of the Internet but I included an emphasis on impact to healthcare and […]

Plus for Google

In a previous post, I provided a link to a set of steps that enabled running the Google + iPhone app on the iPad. It did in fact work, but when I next synced with iTunes, it caused problems. I uninstalled the app from the iPad, apologize if anyone had the same problem, and withdraw […]