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Will Robots Have Human Skin? by John R. Patrick

Will Robots Have Human Skin? by John R. Patrick Words: 532, Reading time: 2 minutes The traditional treatment for burns or extensive skin injuries has been skin grafts. This will be changing as scientists have made significant advancements in bioengineering which make it possible to grow patches of skin in the laboratory. The engineered grafts […]

Cochlear Implants and iPhone

Apple has many ambitions for healthcare, as I wrote in Health Attitude. A particular focus is accessibility. Apple wants the hundreds of millions of people who have hearing loss or other disabilities to be able to use iPhones and iPads productively. If you click Settings, General, Accessibility, you will see the many and growing list of […]

Robots Walking Like Humans

Remember Star Wars’ C-3PO, the droid programmed for etiquette and protocol, built by the heroic Jedi Anakin Skywalker? Remember how he walked, mechanically. Take a look at the YouTube video at the top of this story and watch how Georgia Tech’s DURUS robot strolls on his size 13 arched, spring-loaded metal feet. The engineers started with […]

BioEverything – Part 3

In 1963 there were two tracks that an electrical engineering student at Lehigh University could choose from — electronics or power. Electronics was about solid state devices such as transistors. (The Intel 4-bit 4004, now four decades old, was not to come until 1971). The “power” track was mostly about electric motors and power generation. […]

Blogging Reflection

My friend Irving commented that he is not so sure about my conclusion in the BioEverything post that the trend toward The Singularity is underway. Irving may be right although the things going on in bioengineering seem to fit the pattern that Ray Kurzweil describes in his book. More on that another time. What got […]