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Planet Satellites

Planet is a six-year-old startup company in Cupertino, California. What they have accomplished is amazing. Their vision was to take high-resolution pictures of the Earth from space. They built small special purpose satellites, developed systems to keep track of them and gather data from them, and arranged rocket launches to put the satellites in orbit. […]

Expedited Deception

Last week I received a very official looking envelope in the mail. It came from PO Box 757, Chanhassen, MN 55317. Both sides of the envelope were emblazoned with labels including something for everyone –  “ExpeditedDelivery GRAM”, “Package Tracking Number 80495100562”, “Extremely Urent”, “Recipient please hand deliver to addressee”, “Expedited – Not available to all […]

Sirius Mailing (January 2012)

These are images for the story “Expedited Deception“. Click on the thumb to see larger version of the image. Sirius Mailing Envelope – Front Sirius Mailing Envelope – Back Sirius Mailing Envelope – Contents Expedited Deception

Spectacular High-Res Image of Earth

The iPhone 4S takes great pictures, but nothing like this spectacular high-hes image of Earth. NASA Goddard oceanographer Norman Kuring gathered images from six different orbits of the satellite over an eight hour period last month. He stitched the six photos together to create the final masterpiece. I suspect it will be famous. The images […]